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52 Year Old Patient | Cholesterol and Glucose improvement with just 4 months on Slim. His diabetic test went from 10 to an 8 with a normal of 7 in 4 months.

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Weight loss after 45lbs 4 months on Slim

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48yo Diabetic Patient Cholesterol and Glucose after 4mo of Slim
**She was able to stop her diabetic and cholesterol medication Lost 5lbs and 6 inches
with excellent glucose and cholesterol control–CLICK HERE

26yo Female with 27lb weight loss on slim 5mo–CLICK HERE

60yo Patient Cholesterol and Diabetes improvement 3mo on Slim
**Lab improvements–CLICK HERE
**Patient lost 10lbs and 5 inches off Waist Line–CLICK HERE

50yo Diabetic male after 3mo of Slim
**25lb wt loss and 4 inches lost waist line
** stopped 2 of his diabetic meds with normal sugars on slim–CLICK HERE

75yo Male 20lb weight Loss on Slim 2months
**8 inches lost at waistline–CLICK HERE

30yo Male 9lb weight loss in 2 months
**cholesterol improved even after cutting statin in half–Click Here