Physician Guided Weight Loss Program

Dr. Manzer personally supervises the weight loss program with a team of specialists. We have an in-house nutritionist, personal trainer, diabetes educator and an on-site gym. We are the only Family Medicine facility that offers such a comprehensive weight loss program.

Your first visit for our weight loss consultation will including screening for medical conditions that may cause weight gain or inhibit your weight loss. This could include hypothyroidism, dysmetabolic syndrome, diabetes, certain vitamin deficiencies, and adrenal insufficiency.  Medication can have a side effect of weight gain and we will review and adjust your medication regimen to minimize this side effect. The lab workup is all done on-site allowing us to perform a thorough screening without the high cost.

We offer prescription weight loss medication and also incorporate the new all natural, non-stimulant weight loss supplement BiosLife Slim. This product is backed by 8 clinical studies from leading healthcare universities including Stanford University and the Cleveland Clinic. The best asset to using BiosLife Slim is that in addition to the weight loss it also is effective at controlling high cholesterol and high sugars in Diabetes.

These clinical studies show some exceptional results. BiosLife Slim is able to reduce your bad (LDL) cholesterol by 31 percent, increase your good (HDL) cholesterol by 29 percent, and reduce your triglycerides by 40 percent. To put this into perspective, I would have to start my patients on 3 medications to get this type of result. A statin medication to bring down the bad cholesterol by 30 percent at maximum dose. Niacin 1000mg twice daily could achieve about a 10 percent increase in good cholesterol. Fenofibrate at the maximum dose or Fish Oil 1000mg taking 12 capsules a day would only get about a 10-20 percent reduction in the triglycerides. The worst part about combining these medications to achieve these reductions is that it greatly increases your chances of liver damage.  Studies are great, but does it actually work in the real world? Yes, and we have actual results from our own patients to prove it.
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